Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Where can I create my own Blog for Free in 2021 to Earn Money?

Here I will discuss the best method for this question where can I create my own blog for free in 2021, and earn good money from it?

By using this platform you can make good money and create your own brand absolutely free of cost. Although there are many platforms that are partially free and few are totally free. But I recommend you Only One and that is Google’s product Blogger.com.

Where can I create my own Blog for Free in 2021

Yes, Blogger is the best free platform to create any type of blog (except a few) in 2021. At where you can grow your business/any brand/free promotions/provide services, etc at a convenient source. 

How to use Blogger?

The use of Blogger is not easy for beginners especially for those who never heard about it before. I recommend you first learn about blogging and then you can start it.

Learning Blogging is very easy if you have patience and you have the ability to create something new content with the use of your existing knowledge.

You can write a blog on any topic you want such as tech, entertainment, news, politics, dance, travel, sports, etc. Even you can write a free blog on emotions and can also explain your emotions in the form of status blogs/websites or poems.

Okay, let’s start with the free platform by Google “Blogger.com”

  1. Open Blogger.com on the internet.
  2. Click on Create your blog.
  3. Choose an email account and log in on which you want to create a free blog.
  4. Give a title to your blog, what you want, and click on next.
  5. Choose a name address for your blog, Like my blog name is Howtrending, Like this, You can choose a name for your blog.

But the name you choose must be available. You can make multiple blogs on a single email account after creating a blogger account.

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A blogspot.com extension is added to your blog address that you choose. This is because you create a blog on blogger which provides you a free subdomain, but you can also add a custom domain name later.

If you want to remove this Blogspot.com extension, then you must buy an extension from domain name provider companies like Godaddy

That’s it, you successfully created a free blog.

Here you can write posts on the topic which you choose and for which you create this blog. Just create a free blog on the internet is not a big deal. The real work now starts in the form of blogging, which you can learn day by day practice.

After writing a post you can see how many views come on it, how many comments and some other things which you learn later.

The very important thing is that you can make money from this free blog. You may have your own brand and brand value too.

There are many ways to earn money from blogging Like Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing, promoting brands, etc. But for that, you must learn the tactics which come in the Blogging profession.

How to create or make a Good Blog for free?

In the next few articles (Given below), you may see how to create a good post for your blog that can be rank in google on the very first page.

How to set themes for your free blog?

Earn money from a free blog?

How to check the overall growth of your blog? and many other things too.


The overall conclusion is that with the help of Blogger you can start a blog website free of cost and learn how blogging works.

On this free platform, you may test yourself, your ideology, your thinking power, your patience, and many other things of your life.

In fact, if you work well on your blog then you can earn good money without any cost. But the only investment by you will be your hard work and, the ability to learn something new and, share it with other people.

Thank you for Reading.